Meat Distributor | Turkey Meat Vs Chicken Meat

Turkey and chicken meat are two of the most favorite poultry products to consume by many individuals. But if you’re going to purchase products from a Meat Distributor, which one will you choose then? Let’s have a brief comparison below to help you get an answer.

Poultry Meat According to a Special Event

Some dilemmas of whether to cook turkey or chicken are magnified during special occasions. While chicken is a common product in most American households, turkey is uniquely served during holidays. For instance, turkey is best when celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Aside from the fact that it creates a delicious meal, it has a historical root that makes the day extra special. Nonetheless, if you’re holding a kiddy party, then perhaps chicken is the best. It’s known to everybody that children like fried chicken so choosing this poultry meat truly becomes a wise decision.

Poultry Meat According to Weight Loss Goals

If you’re trying to lose weight, you have to consider the fat and protein contents of turkey and chicken meat. Basically, if you’re looking into fat consumption, turkey meat wins as it is leaner compared to chicken meat. A 3oz serving of turkey actually contains 0.5 g of fat while its 3.5 g with chicken. On the other hand, the protein content of turkey is essentially higher than chicken (28 g vs. 25 g) also. So if your goal is to increase your muscle bulk, then turkey meat still takes the winning trophy.

Poultry Meat According to Cost

Chicken meat are regularly used for human consumption so its cost doesn’t really differ much whole year round. In contrast, turkey meat recipes are typically served during special gatherings which make it rare and a bit pricey. Its demand rises every 4th Thursday of November (Thanksgiving Day), hence its cost may skyrocket at this time as well. Moreover, turkeys generally have a bigger body built and demand more food than chicken. This too contributes to the higher cost of the turkey meat.

Does a Meat Distributor Matter?

In full confidence, yes! Not every Meat Distributor is alike. They may vary on meat quality, services, and of course, the price. At Northern Lakes, we offer high-quality chicken, turkey, and all other kinds of meat products that you need.  We also provide wholesale meat options that are within your budget. Dial 313-368-2500 or email us at for your queries.