Quality Salmon for a Seafood Restaurant Business

Salmon are loved by many people around the globe including countries like Russia, Britain, and even in the United States. But didn’t you know that the quality of these saltwater and/or freshwater fishes affect the total seafood eating experience? Great quality salmon may let you come back for more but poor quality ones would make you stop craving for it. So if you’re running a seafood restaurant, don’t disappoint your customers by serving low-quality salmon food cuisine. Make sure to obtain products from a trusted wholesale seafood Detroit distributor that values quality more than anything else. Take this advice by heart and see how your seafood restaurant business thrives!

Top 4 Health Benefits of Salmon

Apart from its perfectly delicious taste, fresh salmon are also beneficial for health. Below are some of the information about the health benefits of eating salmon recipes:

Supports Weight Loss

If your goal is losing weight, then take salmon as part of your diet regimen. It’s packed with protein but have low calories which makes it perfect for people who want to trim down fat. It’s also recommended for individuals who like to increase muscle bulk as proteins are natural muscle builders.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases

The human heart needs Omega-3 to prevent it from certain heart conditions. These fatty acids aren’t just found in any of our usual food items but it’s high in most fishes. In fact, the Department of Health recommends consuming oily fish like salmon two times per week for overall health.

Controls Blood Pressure

If you’re sick of eating bananas just to obtain the mineral potassium, then it’s time turn to fish. The truth is, wild salmon contains far more potassium than banana which helps significantly in lowering down blood pressure. And as your blood pressure normalizes, then you’ll be preventing incidents of stroke.

Good for Brain Health

Regular consumption of salmon can help in proper brain functions. It was found out that eating fatty fish twice a week reduces the progress of memory loss among elderly individuals. Other studies can even prove that salmons may reduce depression, anxiety, and other psycho-emotional symptoms.

Your Best Option for a Wholesale Seafood Detroit

Now that you know what salmon can do to your health, wouldn’t you order from a reliable Wholesale Seafood Detroit distributor? At Northern Lakes, we offer a wide variety of fresh, high-quality seafood including salmon. Call us today for more information!